Joanne Luciano, Ph.D.

Data Science Training and Analytics Services

My Services


I listen deeply and help you navigate effectively and efficiently  achieving your goals. Together we will create a personalized plan and I will provide you with guidance about how to navigate on your own through the technical aspects of data science, programming languages (Python, R, etc.), artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, or your overall career development leading you to clarity and confidence.

Data Science

Extensive experience in Data Engineering, architecture, predictive analytics and modeling specifically a well versed experience in Health Informatics, and medical wearing devices. Furthermore, I have a deep understanding in flight aviation simulation mechanisms.


I can assist in developing a data strategy that aligns with your business objectives. I work with you or your staff to identify the data sources, data collection methods, data governance and quality standards unique to your needs.


We will bring our diverse training experience to meet your needs through online courses, bootcamps, and corporate training programs.

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